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Unpersonal tidbits for the nosey public

Matador Records sent me "Electric Vision" by The New Pornographers. This band is FANTASTIC!!! So a definite good review, unlike the disappointment of a CD I reviewed by Jimmy Wayne last week (which will appear in the paper and on our website NEXT week due to lack of space).

I was sighing, "I want a Chihuahua" and a co-worker mistook that for "I want a child." After I stopped laughing (and everyone else who heard stopped laughing) I had to take two aspirins. Can you imagine????? I think not.

When someone posts something BRILLIANT, and it's not locked, I always give credit. Check out Toddnee's recent happy rant: http://www.livejournal.com/users/toddnee/432320.html

Right on!
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