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Unpersonal tidbits for the nosey public

Matador Records sent me "Electric Vision" by The New Pornographers. This band is FANTASTIC!!! So a definite good review, unlike the disappointment of a CD I reviewed by Jimmy Wayne last week (which will appear in the paper and on our website NEXT week due to lack of space).

I was sighing, "I want a Chihuahua" and a co-worker mistook that for "I want a child." After I stopped laughing (and everyone else who heard stopped laughing) I had to take two aspirins. Can you imagine????? I think not.

When someone posts something BRILLIANT, and it's not locked, I always give credit. Check out Toddnee's recent happy rant: http://www.livejournal.com/users/toddnee/432320.html

Right on!
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a) I knew you'd like that band, I think they are cool too
b) still giggling at your child
c) I bow graciously, thanks for the kudos buddy
d) I wish you were on IM so I could chat with you all day, but then again, would either of us get any work done? haha
HA! I was wondering the same thing, how does that guy work. See, for me, it's easy because I work so fast and I'm good at multi-tasking. It's like check emails/check phone calls/write stories/type press releases/write obits/write CD reviews/go on Live Journal, all in one quick swoop.


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Hey sweetie!

I'll try to ring you later today. Sorry 4 delay..things have been NUTS here.


No problem!


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BTW, later have a look at my post. You won't believe it but someone on my list is actually condoning suicide and calling me wrong?
I saw that and answered her. Believe it or not, I understand what she's going through.
I LOVE the New Pornographers!

Deleted comment

Right on.

Depression, like cancer, is a disease and it's all about how we handle it.
After I stopped laughing (and everyone else who heard stopped laughing) I had to take two aspirins. Can you imagine????? I think not.

You crack me up!

Have you started baby-sitting, incidentally?
Heh, thanks :)

The baby-sitting starts Sept. 2 -- the first day of school. I'm totally psyched. I'm sooooo looking forward to getting up super early -- I haven't done that on a steady basis since I was in high school. The only thing, between that and my editorial job, the only time I'll have to work out will be a few nights a week now. Looks like I'll be joining a gym.
I'm going to miss my yoga mornings so much :(
Aww, yoga in the morning is such a great way to start the day. But you know, even if you do a couple of "sun salutations" before you leave the house, it still is an invigorating boost.

And gyms are cool, too, although I can see how it can be a little more difficult to find the motivation to go there in the evening after a long day of work.
Personally I'm partial to beagles and Siberian huskies.
Rachel (faschism) and Mark (trussmonkey) have a beagle!! They ARE cute! And my cousins used to have Siberian huskies, they used to show them -- those EYES are soooo beautiful.


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