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Art (?) -- My two cents

I walked all the way uptown to the Whitney. I checked out all the floors. "Louise Bourgeois: The Insomnia Drawings" SUCKED. That I just did not get at all. Boring childlike scribblings. Where did she get her artist license, out of a Crackerjack box? I prefer the drawings I did when I experimented with purple microdot mesc at age 15.

"Pictures From Within: American Photographs, 1958-2002" was killer. That was the exhibit I went to see, and it did not disappoint. A range of observations on American culture -- from political to personal -- made over the past 45 years by photographers working in America. This exhibit is on until Sept. 21 -- I highly recommend it for all.

"Elie Nadelman: Sculptor of Modern Life" was okay, but the sculptor I'm working with blows him away -- big time! He should be in the Whitney and show them how to do it! Nadelman's work was fun and whimsical, but not intense enough for me. And those cameo heads that Helena Rubenstein brought from him were so obnoxious. They were so pure, so snowy white, they looked unfinished and eerie. Any replica of a woman's face should show beauty and emotion -- not blank and stiff as if it should be slapped on a quarter.

DeKooning -- Also killer, definitely worth checking out.
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