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4th November 2010

3:17pm: Just putting my website so LJ doesn't see this account as "unactive" and delete it.


12th August 2008

4:44pm: I noticed an old, but active site, still links to this journal, therefore I should point out it's not really me anymore.

My newest journal (and more accurate idea of my life) is 69_tears

Hope everyone is doing well!

Love ya!
Mary Anne xoox
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6th August 2003

10:38am: Mary Anne's Archives
This journal is officially closed.
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1st August 2003

3:03pm: I think I'm in love
The New Pornographers

I think I have to go to see this band. They're playing at the Bowery Ballroom, Monday, August 25th.

They have SUCH a late 1970s intense new wave sound. I miss that bands don't sound like this anymore. I love pop-ish songs that give you chills and make you feel like getting high on the railroad tracks or going to a drive-in movie.
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2:20pm: NICK GILDER!!

That's who Carl Newman from The New Pornographers sings/sounds like. A little bit.

UPDATE: Actually, it's secret member Dan Bejar who sings the song I like the best, "Ballad of a Comeback Kid" -- it's like Nick Gilder morphed with Ian Hunter and a young David Bowie.
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31st July 2003

4:43pm: It's all set. Cha-Cha the Chihuahua meets my kitties next Tuesday evening. If all goes well, I'll get her when I get back from California. I'm so nervous, this is such a big commitment, but the way I love dogs and have been itching to own one more and more over the past two years -- I know, deep down, I am doing the right thing.

She is so beautiful and gentle. A short-haired one, and a little bigger than Fawn. She is 8-years-old. I loved her the minute I saw her at John S.'s party a few years ago.

Who knew that a few years later she'd be mine?

(For those who haven't been following, this couple I know is moving into a new apartment and they can't take Cha-Cha. I'm so happy they asked me).
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30th July 2003

3:27pm: A dog day afternoon
Here's my puppy parade story. I put it on the website a day early so I can see how the picture looks.

Current Mood: pleased
1:59pm: Unpersonal tidbits for the nosey public
Matador Records sent me "Electric Vision" by The New Pornographers. This band is FANTASTIC!!! So a definite good review, unlike the disappointment of a CD I reviewed by Jimmy Wayne last week (which will appear in the paper and on our website NEXT week due to lack of space).

I was sighing, "I want a Chihuahua" and a co-worker mistook that for "I want a child." After I stopped laughing (and everyone else who heard stopped laughing) I had to take two aspirins. Can you imagine????? I think not.

When someone posts something BRILLIANT, and it's not locked, I always give credit. Check out Toddnee's recent happy rant: http://www.livejournal.com/users/toddnee/432320.html

Right on!
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29th July 2003

1:40pm: The cocktail party showing the sculptures I modeled for is Saturday afternoon, October 11. This will be in West New York, NJ, which is less than 15 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel.

If anyone wants to be on the guest list, email me your address so I can submit your name for a personal invite, as I want to get my list going before my two vacations start next month. I'm at: gurdjief@optonline.com

Also, I'm having my birthday party, Tuesday, August 19. If anyone wants to come to that, please give me a definite "yes" by Aug. 11, so I can know how many tables to reserve.
Current Mood: artistic

28th July 2003

3:51pm: I got the confirmation for my plane ticket to Los Angeles!
Current Mood: ecstatic
6:45am: The discussion of privacy and writing about your life on Live Journal came up on one of my friends journals.

Here is something I came up with in response, so I cut and paste it for discussion:

No one really has as much privacy as they think they have. Therefore it's liberating to just talk about your life and your loved ones anyway. Once you get over that you can truly be free.

And this goes way beyond Live Journal.

Think about it. You have a lot of friends. Say, one friend had a little too much to drink, and she'll tell something to someone else. I've had so many people betray my trust over the years, that I've coped the attitude, hey, this is my life, this is what I do, and whoever knows -- big deal. People are going to love you or hate you according to their standards anyway, so why not be truly honest. I'd rather be hated for who I really am than loved for something I'm not. (Mind you if people are jealous, they will twist the truth anyway -- especially if you're a pretty girl, as people just LOVE to hate pretty girls).

And as for privacy of others, if people are in my life, anything I write about them on Live Journal, I would say to their face. WHAT REALLY ANNOYS ME and I think is disrespectful is when people let their significant others read their friends list (locked entries and all).

If you want to talk privacy, people on my friends list know they have it!! I would NEVER let a significant other read a locked friend's list. THAT IS A BETRAYAL OF TRUST.

A revelation came to me about five years ago when I was making my film short. During a break we were playing Truth or Dare. The director said, "Ask me ANYTHING. I'll tell you the truth." I asked, "Why?" He said the most brilliant thing I've ever head, "If you keep this skeleton in this closet and that skeleton in that closet ... you'll forget what skeleton is in what closet and you'll end up in trouble. So there are no skeletons in any closet."

I'm not saying I have no skeletons in closets, but as the skeletons are less and less, I feel BETTER about myself in general. It's so healthy and liberating not to have too many secrets. Just, fucking LIVE people. LIVE.

Is it all going to matter after we're dead?????
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25th July 2003

4:50pm: "Ever feel like you've been cheated?" -- Johnny Rotten.

I'm taking/or will be taking a bunch of people off my friend's list that I haven't really connected with lately.

I'm sorry, my journal is just too personal for over 100 people to be reading it. And I'd rather read those who write as honestly as I do, whether it is through song lyrics or locked entries or just the fact that they are so damn cool and free.

Plus, some of you don't even update anymore, unless you are making filters and not including me.

No hard feelings and drama, please ... I know some of you were really great to me in the past (and vice versa), but we've moved on.

24th July 2003

3:01pm: Three more weeks!
L.A. L.A. -- whoa, I'm on a Hollywood High.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....

L.A. L.A. -- whoa, I'm on a Hollywood High.
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22nd July 2003

4:06pm: Check it out, Tobacco.org lifted my story on smoke-free dining in Montclair and put it on their website: http://www.tobacco.org/news/130516.html

On a dumb ass note, another website snagged a photo I took of Cyrinda Foxe and Justin Love from the PUNK website and published it without crediting me. But the site was in Spanish. Does anyone want to help me yell at them in Spanish? I'm not mad, really, because it's more important that her memory is kept alive.
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18th July 2003

2:39pm: I just received a very nice email from Michael Laird of Unto Ashes. In my recent review of their new CD "Empty Into White" mistakenly put Natalia Lincoln as the lead vocalist of their "Don't Fear (The Reaper)" remake, but it was in fact sung by Ericah Hagle (Natalia Lincoln and Michael Laird sang back-up).

I corrected it on our website and there will be a correction in the newspaper next week.

So, to make up for my mistake, I'm linking the review again: http://www.montclairtimes.com/page.php?page=5728

Also, they are playing at Downtime, 251 W. 30th St. (Bet. 7 & 8) on Saturday, Sept. 6.
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17th July 2003

12:34pm: Stolen from sextron
Read more...Collapse )
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6:37am: Here's my Unto Ashes review: http://www.montclairtimes.com/page.php?page=5728


Acupunture: http://www.montclairtimes.com/page.php?page=5732

You haven't lived unless you heard Crispin's convincing version of this song. You just believe him!

Lourdes is playing tonite at the Cutting Room. I'm thinking about going to that. She's great and I really want to hear "The Circus Song." That one blows all her other stuff away, big time. It's so sassy.
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10th July 2003

6:11am: Here's my review of All The Pretty Horses CD: http://www.montclairtimes.com/page.php?page=5675
Current Mood: Very happy

8th July 2003

3:37pm: pg13
What rating is your journal?

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5th July 2003

6:34pm: Art (?) -- My two cents
I walked all the way uptown to the Whitney. I checked out all the floors. "Louise Bourgeois: The Insomnia Drawings" SUCKED. That I just did not get at all. Boring childlike scribblings. Where did she get her artist license, out of a Crackerjack box? I prefer the drawings I did when I experimented with purple microdot mesc at age 15.

"Pictures From Within: American Photographs, 1958-2002" was killer. That was the exhibit I went to see, and it did not disappoint. A range of observations on American culture -- from political to personal -- made over the past 45 years by photographers working in America. This exhibit is on until Sept. 21 -- I highly recommend it for all.

"Elie Nadelman: Sculptor of Modern Life" was okay, but the sculptor I'm working with blows him away -- big time! He should be in the Whitney and show them how to do it! Nadelman's work was fun and whimsical, but not intense enough for me. And those cameo heads that Helena Rubenstein brought from him were so obnoxious. They were so pure, so snowy white, they looked unfinished and eerie. Any replica of a woman's face should show beauty and emotion -- not blank and stiff as if it should be slapped on a quarter.

DeKooning -- Also killer, definitely worth checking out.
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3rd July 2003

4:27pm: You're the FVBD!
You are fun, freewheeling and fast-paced. You don't
only spot the latest trends; you set them. A
free spirit, you're not afraid to wander out to
Coney Island with your friends for a bit of
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The saying is true about me, but I'm so not about subways, and I doubt I was ever on that particular line. It's walking or cabs for me. I'm always giving away Metro cards. I suppose I know the N & R the best.

This song just popped into my head by Urban Verbs "Subways."
3:26pm: I just got an offer to read poetry/spoken word, to warm up for a band that sounds like the Mission on Saturday night. I have to find out more before I promote this thing or give a definite "yes" to them. I haven't written any new rants/poems in a year. I can always take stuff off of my Live Journal, that's why I'll never give this up -- you just never know....
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2:52pm: When boring people get annoyed with honesty, it's best to be a loner -- at least the company is more entertaining.
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2nd July 2003

6:56pm: Okay, I take back everything I've ever said about stupid holiday barbecues. I found someone with a pool! Bring on the soy dogs!
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3:06pm: Yank your doodle, it's a dandy
Another stupid barbecue holiday in the sun coming up.

He stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni. What the hell was he drinking?
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